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APC has your paving needs covered. Paving around your house adds character, value and appeal to your home. It also creates an extension of your living environment. At the Australian Paving Centre, we have the latest shapes, sizes, colours and ideas.

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Concrete Sleepers(Adelaide & South Australia)

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Concrete Sleepers


Concrete Sleepers are one of the best retaining wall products used. For retaining wall, constructing, garden walls, garden edges, Concrete, sleepers are the ideal choice. These are versatile and thus, can be an eternal part of any structures, especially those in garden landscapes.

Australian Paving Centre specialises in retaining wall materials. APC specialise in SA concrete sleeper Walls. We have an extensively large collection of all these types of sleepers as well as latest design creative sleepers. You can find a concrete sleeper suitable for your new garden ideas, your old garden that you want to renovate, or even the outback classic Australian Backyard. Your imagination and design ideas matter the most for us. We are committed to provide you with the best quality sleepers to compliment any type of surroundings. If you need a helping hand with concrete sleepers design ideas, we can certainly help you.

Be it a concrete wall, a retaining garden wall, or a decorative partition wall, At APC you will find exactly what you are looking for. We have something special to suit every style and architecture; and strive to deliver a touch of distinction to your surroundings. APC has a massive range of retaining wall varieties in colours, patterns, finishes, designs, and shapes to choose from

Concrete sleepers are easy to install and long lasting. Concrete sleepers are the toughest and most preferred for retaining walls on a boundary or vertical retaining wall. Mansonry products are most unlikely to get rotten and encounter white ant infestation.

Contact us or drop in a visit to our local store to discover the large array of sleepers and get your queries regarding delivery and installation resolved.
Our harsh australian outback suits concrete sleepers.
For creative sleepers ideas and tips APC are best concrete sleeper range available.


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